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   Counsellors for CICT

Jack Rueckel, tel: 704.341.8449, email:

Jack has over 40 years in information technology from programming to VP and Chief Information Officer with positions in executive consulting within manufacturing, finance, publishing and printing, retail and management services industries. Management work spanned domestic and international company operations. He led professional staffs numbering to 100 worldwide, implemented worldwide systems, and successfully turned failing business into profitable operations. He has been out of work several times during which he focused on the job he sought, created a notable resume, build a significant network, and reduced time to land the best job with the most salary at 58 years of age in under 3 months simultaneous with a second job offer. See his LinkedIn profile.

Jack has over twelve years operating the job support ministry, Christians In Career Transition, at St. Matthew Catholic Church.  He provides group and personal guidance along with self marketing, resume editing, networking, interviewing strategies, etc.  Jack's own personal job-seeking experience during his work career proved successful, and now he helps pass along that experience to others. During the past 3 years, between 60 and 65 CICT attendees have landed positions.


Frank Nicodem


IT business analyst-consultant

Frank Monteleone


Executive - chemical & micro-electronic

Harry Tatum

704 807 1908

retired [vp hr / consultant]

Jack Rueckel


retired [vp / cio / exec consultant]

Joe George



Randy Gartz


Recruiter - info tech






















Counselor Job Description:

Counselors are expected to participate in assisting those in the CICT job search program for at
least 40 -50% of the meetings. They should be able to understand the issues confronting job
seekers and help draw out appropriate solutions for the job seeker.


Individuals who wish to apply for a CICT Counselor should note the following:

  1. Background / Work Experience (at least 3 of the following)

Current or prior experience in Supervisory / Management position.

Coached persons regarding job search and/or employment procedure.

Responsible for Hire / Terminate.

Personal experience with a Job Search; has an up-to-date personal profile.

Familiar with operation of internet job boards, LinkedIn and or recruitment.

Review the CICT Website completely.

  1. Notify & interview with Jack Rueckel before attending a CICT meeting for the first time.
  2. Upon acceptance, attend one CICT meeting to mutually determine continuing as a counselor.